school is killing me

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Beyoncé in Italy (September 6th, 2014)

Beyoncé in Italy (September 6th, 2014)

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my big toe has been hurting for 2 days straight it’d better not be seriously injured or i won’t be ablw to dance on pointe


me: *points at adult character who is taller, stronger and older than me* small child. must protect at all costs. shelter. very tiny

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just human behavior. it’s all about calculating how willfully blind a person is going to be. and then exploiting that.
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Santorini - Greece by Jim Nilsen

Please don’t delete the link to the photographers/artists, thanks!

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Hey, hey, Robert - remember when you tried to fuck a maid when Cora was dying? Yeah, so why don’t you STOP ACTING LIKE A TOTAL DICK NOW


mythology meme | [3/9] greek gods/goddesses – Athena 

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill in ancient Greek religion and mythology. According to Olympian myth, Athena was born a fully armed woman from Zeus’ forehead, after he had swallowed her pregnant mother Metis. Although many have pursued her, Athena has never taken a lover, and is thus known as Athena Parthenos, Virgin Athena. She is the wisest of the Olympian gods.
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i am just very uncomfortable with the way i am perceived like there’s a disconnect between my actual identity and the identity ppl assume i have and it makes me uncomfortable and stressed out

We’re in a  m a r a t h o n , and you’ve hit the wall, but we have six more miles to go. 

               L e t ’ s   g e t   t o   s c o o p i n g ,  s h a l l   w e ?